To Meet the Era of High-Price Energy - LEADING's Mission and Expectations

Due to the continuous improvement of quality of life and cutting-edge technology, coupled with the continuous improvement of the industrial environment and the increasing promotion of environmental protection standards, since the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol on February 16 (2005), the effective use of energy has been one of the most important topics for the development of the national sustainable economy, as well as the need for high-tech industrial manufacturing processes, how to satisfy the consideration of every industry under a limited cost has become a major issue for current air-conditioning manufacturers!

LEADING Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1981, has followed a practical and pragmatic attitude, along with the economic growth of Taiwan, we have steadily operated for more than 30 years. We are deeply aware that only continuous R&D, innovation and improvement of manufacturing processes are the criteria that will ensure a sustainable management of the company.

Over the past 30 years, LEADING Co. has provided all kinds of the most efficient chiller units. Now we have prepared for 30 years to develop the industry's most efficient active magnetic bearing chiller, with efficiency up to COP7.2 (0.49kW/RT). Today, LEADING integrates refrigerant control and air supply system to provide an energy-saving and precise constant temperature and hygrostat barotropy air-conditioning system to the industry.

We are based on Taiwan’s leading global air-conditioning industry. Taiwan has the most complete central satellite factory system and professional engineers with superior quality, so it is the most suitable industry for one-design-per-order. Therefore, we are convinced that Taiwan has the conditions to become the development and manufacturing center of the world's air-conditioning industry. As a member of the industry, LEADING does not slack off even for a little bit at any time, and humbly prays for advanced support and encouragement from the predecessors.

Since day one of our business, LEADING has been working on the idea that air-conditioning equipment is a semi-permanent device for buildings; this philosophy is never fading till now.

LEADING Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hung Yuan-hung, Chairman.