• LEADING began with a small store next to Shaoxing S. Street in Taipei City and used its open space on the front door to assemble chillers and air-conditioning AHUs. This was the era when the Taiwan Economic Miracle took off in 1981.
  • With the rise of GMP pharmaceutical factories in Taiwan in the 1980s, the company has integrated the refrigerant system and air supply equipment to provide a customized package air-conditioning (PKG) for cleanrooms. The new Xizhi plant was also established in 1986 and was put into a large-scale product line for the air-cooled chiller units, and the era of diversity, customization, and specialization began. In 1996, we cooperated with Japan's TOYO ENGINEERING WORKS to provide semi-conductor cleanroom equipment and added the Changhua Chuan Xing plant in 1997, and this has started a new era of AHU "adiabatic aluminum cylinder". Over the next decade or so, we have supplied air-conditioning’s air-supply equipment for high-grade cleanrooms for large wafer and panel factories, laying a milestone for LEADING's air-conditioning equipment.
  • In 2009, Taiwan's first self-made LEADING centrifugal chiller started commercial operation at Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital, and the variable frequency centrifugal chiller was also commercialized in 2010, followed by mid-voltage (4160V) variable frequency centrifugal chiller and centrifugal 2-stage compression ice storage host were launched in the following years, and it has created a new generation of Taiwan's large chiller units. In 2015, LEADING and ITRI shared our technologies to launch Taiwan's first active magnetic bearing chiller (COP 7.2 / 0.49kW/RT), which has laid a new standard for energy consumption of air-conditioning hosts!
  • Today, the LEADING Group still does not forget its original intention and continues to work hard to research and develop high-quality and low energy consumption products to meet the demands of customers around the globe.