• With the advance and changes in technology, major wafer factories have also entered the Nano manufacturing process to make all kinds of electronic products. The cleanliness and dust particles previously discussed in cleanrooms should not have been a concern for system operators. The control of cleanroom airborne molecular contamination (AMC) is the biggest challenge at this stage.
  • The introduction of fresh air is the largest source of pollution outside the cleanroom. LEADING's MAU air handler not only provides accurate dew point temperature (DP) and dust particles that meets the standard throughout the year, but also removes all kinds of airborne pollutants when the air quality reaches over 90% of AMC, which prolongs the service life of the chemical filter in the rear section to lower the costs for customers.

  • In the pharmaceutical and medical applications, LEADING air-conditioning equipment provides the best biotechnology manufacturing environment and also meets the medical staff's healthy and safe work environment.
  • Pharmaceuticals must be completed in places where there is absolutely no risk of contamination. LEADING's air handling system not only provides an accurate temperature/humidity environment, but also removes various compounds from the air and reduces microbial contents. The special design and manufacturing techniques ensure the effectiveness of all components and assist the system vendors in passing FDA, PIC/S and GMP certifications.

  • Cultural assets and artworks are the crystallization  of human wisdom and their value cannot be measured in money, and the length of their legacy depends on how good the preservation environment is. The temperature/humidity of the environment directly affect the stability of cultural relics. As a result, constant temperature and humidity are always the ultimate principles of a museum.
  • The air-conditioning technology and experience accumulated over the years by LEADING are used to create the best environment as a contribution to cultural assets. It not only controls the temperature/humidity accurately, but also integrates the chiller and refrigerant systems to provide a single unit operable with low humidity, which is not only stable but also reduces energy consumption.  

  • Chemical plant is one of the largest processing factories in the world. There are often various types of chemical materials, crude oil refining, natural gas, and various types of polymers in the production process. During the process, large amounts of heat are also emitted, and a tiny negligence can lead to large scale factory accidents. Therefore, all equipment in chemical plants are required to have the highest level of safety and stability standards.
  • LEADING provides explosion-proof grade air-conditioning equipment for this special facility to ensure safe operation in a plant. The large amount of waste heat discharged from the plant can be converted into usable electricity by the Organic Rankine Cycle of LEADING to reduce greenhouse effect and fully achieve energy recycling.

  • In areas where the power consumption gap between peaks and off-peaks is too large during the day and at night, Ice Bank is the best choice to save power in a power plant and extend the life of the generator set.
  • The LEADING Ice Bank integrates high-efficiency large-scale Ice Bank hosts and full-freezing ice storage tanks. The use of a PE and stainless-steel pipes mixing system maximizes the efficiency of the ice storage/melting system at the lowest manufacturing cost. Customized Ice Bank hosts with special ice storage tanks have been optimized under the ice storage system monitoring.